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Defense Operations and Solutions

Welcome to the forefront of Defense Operations and Solutions, where security meets innovation. In an ever-evolving global landscape, safeguarding nations and organizations requires cutting-edge strategies and state-of-the-art solutions. At our core, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive defense solutions that transcend boundaries and address the most complex challenges of our time.

1. Flight Pro

Flight PRO delivers the tactical and strategic insights needed to manage mission-critical operations and training and sustain the highest levels of operational readiness.

As an executive, trust Flight PRO as your unified data repository. Realize tangible savings through resource optimization, ensure heightened safety, and maintain real-time operational readiness consistently.

As a scheduler, utilize Flight PRO to plan, execute, and seamlessly manage all operations and training activities. Consolidate tasks on one platform, amplifying your daily efficiency.

As a user, Flight PRO empowers you to effortlessly monitor currency statuses, engage in learning modules, and access safety-critical information — all consolidated on a single platform.

Flight PRO is a comprehensive solution tailored for end-to-end operations and training management across flying units, groups, and command tiers. Its strategic implementation ensures cost reduction, resource optimization, and an uplift in both efficiency and safety standards.


As an executive, the Smart Base reporting feature allows you to see how you’re tracking toward your goals and targets. You can take quick action and delegate tasks across the organization.

The timeline view in Smart Base allows you as the team leader to oversee tasks in real-time based on staff, asset, or location availability including associated qualifications, currencies, skills, and certificates.

Smart Base allows you as a user to comment and tick off checklists providing real-time collaboration throughout the organization.

Smart Base provides you with the ability to take action in real time by showing a live, visual representation of your resources such as people, assets, and locations. It is a modern, collaborative solution with all the security features demanded by high-compliance environments.

3. RES-Q-CEL (Search & Rescue Cellular Geo-Location System)

Res-Q-Cell is a unique cellular geo-location system used by search and rescue teams to quickly and efficiently locate survivors of natural disasters, terrorist incidents, and combat zones. The solution operates in both heavily damaged urban sites as well as in open areas affected by hurricanes and floods. The system delivers 3D geo-location of the survivors’ cellular phones with high accuracy, independent of the local cellular network. The system is quick to deploy and easy to operate from a standoff and safe position. It can be installed on small aerial platforms such as commercial multi-rotor drones or small UAVs, as well as on vehicles. Res-Q-Cell is field-proven and in service with customers worldwide.. The compact system’s modules can operate in harsh environments, are highly mobile, and multiple modules can be networked together to enhance coverage.

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4. On-The-Move Counter UAS Solution

The On-The-Move V4 (OTM V4) is a modular and scalable Counter UAS (C-UAS) solution for early warning, detection, disruption, and alert at convoy speeds. The OTM V4 system implements a multi-sensor, multi-layer architecture that protects against various types of rotary and fixed wing UAS. The fielded system provides 360° coverage and is equipped with four phase array radar panels that transmit simultaneously with high time-on-target (TOT) and energy. The integrated EO/IR camera receives target cues from the radar to visually identify the threat, allowing the operator to mitigate using the RF jammer or drone take-over system.

5. Modular Anti-Drone System Kit

The MADS-K (Modular Anti-Drone System Kit) is a modular, low-cost, lightweight, simultaneous ground target and UAS detection and mitigation system. MADS-K provides the operator a stand-alone mission scalable C-UAS capability. Easy to train, deploy, operate and maintain, the MADS-K baseline system’s modular design incorporates a radar, EO/IR camera, and jammer operating in 360° of azimuth and positive target identification at tactically significant ranges. MADS-K detects, positively identifies, tracks, and when desired jams UAS group 1 and 2 targets.

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6. Compact Tactical Communication Jammer

The Compact Tactical Communication Jammer is a miniature airborne, naval, or ground stand-in communication jammer that utilizes IAI-ELTA’s propriety inverse gain techniques. The system effectively jams enemy radio and communication in a designated area with minimum to no interference to own-force communication and COMINT activities.

7. Multi-Mode Ground Surveillance Radar

Watch Guard is a family of operationally-proven radars that provide tactical ground surveillance capabilities to security and defense forces. The high-performance radars can be installed at fixed sites, integrated into networked systems to protect borders, bases, airports and other critical infrastructures. Lightweight, portable, and quick to set-up, the radars, cables, power supply and travel case can be configured as a man-packable solution for mobile forces. Operating in X-Band, the pulse-Doppler radars employ Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA) technology for optimized performance and reliability.
The radar’s innovative design incorporates a single solid state module with no wiring or moving parts, and is controlled by a user friendly Command and Control unit. With powerful signal processing capabilities, Watch Guard can perform electronic scanning or staring, providing both wide area coverage and targeting of threats at long distances with the ability to simultaneously track-while-scan over 300 targets. The all-weather systems includes an internal GPS used for detailed mapping. Target data (track and speed) is displayed on a map and provides critical assistance to field commanders and remote decision-makers. Optional EO camera integration can enhance target classification.

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8. Autonomous LTE Tactical Communication Network for Public Safety & HLS Force

Tac4G equips first responders, public safety and HLS forces with a complete high-bandwidth, secure, and autonomous LTE communication network in situations where the local network is congested or destroyed due to natural disasters or terrorist events. The Tac4G product line is flexible, supporting static as well as mobile On-The-Move (OTM) operational scenarios. It can be deployed on a wide array of platforms utilizing different deployment methods: Cell-On-Wheel (COW) designed for static / On-The Halt (OTH) operations; vehicular or man-pack version to assist in areas that are hard to reach; and an airborne cell that can be installed on UAVs, drones or tethered drones to provide extended network coverage to the public safety and HLS forces operating in the disaster zone

Join us on the frontline of progress and let's build a safer, more secure future together. Welcome to a new era of Defense Operations and Solutions – where resilience meets intelligence, and security knows no bounds.