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Satellite communication system

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Satellite communication system

Al Ayaan Technical Services is a leading supplier and provider of innovatively integrated electronic systems, products, and services to military forces, intelligence agencies of nation-states, and to our prime global contractors. Around the world Military, Defence Forces, and Intelligence Agencies of more than seventy countries reach out for Al Ayaan Technical Services. When it comes to integrated electronic defense technologies, products, and systems.

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We offer VSAT Monitoring System (SCL- VMS), which is equipped with state-of-the-art Acquisition and Signal Processing modules, designed to meet the aspirations of our customers to enable them to intercept and process various types of VSAT networks from different OEMs such as Hughes, iDirect, Gilat, etc. The system has been designed to provide the capability to acquire, process, and decode proprietary protocol to provide human-intelligible output in the form of Voice, Fax, Email, Browsed Webpages, Documents, etc. Following are the main divisions of our satellite monitoring system

  • Video/Audio Surveillance
  • Sensors & Detectors
  • Satellite Monitoring
  • Technical Counter Surveillance
  • Cellular Monitoring